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Half term treat

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Morning Nursery braved the cold weather and had fun at the park! We had lots of fun.

We were super chilly, so when we got back to Nursery we enjoyed some warm hot chocolate!

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Baking Monday


The children in N2 were talking about baking a lot recently. We decided to make pastry tarts with lots of different toppings. The children helped to cut up the ingredients including; Pepperoni, Ham, Peppers, Tomato’s, Sweet corn and Mozzarella!

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We had a little dance in the hall while waiting for them to bake. They smelt yummy!

IMG_1947Our creations went down so well and everybody really enjoyed them.

Theo said “Mmmm! This is delicious!”


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So much bread!


This morning Olly was making bread with the play doh. He was interested in how it felt and what shaped bread he could make. Lots of children discussed the different types of bread that we already knew about. We decided that it would be a good idea to go and buy some for us to try.

All children walked to the shop perfectly.

When we returned back to school we all tried some of the different breads.

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Help for Heroes

In Nursery we held a bake sale in order to raise lots of money. We have been talking about how the charity helps the soldiers and their families. Our total up to now, is standing at just over £100!

Thank you to all of the parents and staff who helped us raise such a fab total.

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A little update…


We arrived to Nursery this morning to a crack! We watched patiently all morning and all of a sudden she hatched! Meet Lizzie, our very first chick.


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Eggs have arrived in Nursery!

Today was very exciting day in Nursery. Our Living eggs arrived!

The children were very excited and there was lots of discussion about what may be inside the eggs.

Riley thought there may be dinosaurs inside!

Jack thought they may be dragons!

We will have to wait and see what happens…..



A sunny day

On Thursday, afternoon Nursery were talking about the weather being so hot!

The children were also discussing how an ice lolly would melt in the heat. We decided the only way to find out was to see for ourselves!

We all walked to the shop and bought our lollies. We then came back to school and enjoyed them in the sunshine.

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Our spring walk…

We went on a spring walk around school. We looked for signs of spring and we found lots of things along the way!

We found; daffodils, tulips, pussy willow, bumble bees, daisy’s, new leaves and lastly we stumbled across some tadpoles!


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We will look after the tadpoles and watch them grow!

Settling back into Nursery….

We are having a lovely week settling back into Nursery. All of the children are having a wonderful time and enjoying being back with their friends.


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Police Visit..

Yesterday the Police came to visit Nursery. They told us all the jobs they do and how they help our community to keep us safe. We have been dressing up and learning about Police dogs, horses, helicopters and we especially like the Police cars with the big, blue flashing lights. Some of us were lucky enough to try some Police hats on! Thank you very much for coming to visit us Cleveland Police.

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